C#-style String interpolation

Does PascalABC.net support C#-style string interpolation? I know Delphi/Lazarus do not, but RemObjects Oxygene does support C#-style string interpolation. Thank you!

Gary Chike

I think you should try before asking. It’s literally the same syntax as in C#:

## $'You entered {ReadInteger} of integer type'.Print;
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Thank you! That’s excellent that PascalABC supports string interpolation. I had originally copied code from Oxygene, but I forgot that PascalABC only supports single quotes and not double quotes which originally caused an error. :laughing:

Спасибо! Замечательно, что PascalABC поддерживает строковую интерполяцию. Изначально я скопировал код из Oxygene, но забыл, что PascalABC поддерживает только одинарные кавычки, а не двойные кавычки, которые изначально вызывали ошибку.

(Also, you need an empty line before ---, or whatever you use for <hr>, for it to work)

It’s working well with this simple test :+1:

program Oxygene_copy;


    var fname: string;
    var age: integer;
    var gpa: real;

  write('What is your name? ');
  writeLn('It''s nice to meet you ' + fname + '!');
  writeLn($'It''s nice to meet you {fname}!');
  write('How old are you? ');
  write('What is your GPA? ');
  writeLn('So you''re ' + age + ' years old and your GPA is ' + gpa + '.');
  writeLn($'So you''re {age} years old and your GPA is {gpa}.'); 

  writeLn($'The product 50 x 4 is: {50 * 40} '); 


Why not? See PascalАВС.NЕТ code below:

var fname := ReadlnString('What is your name?');
Println('It''s nice to meet you ' + fname + '!');
Println($'It''s nice to meet you {fname}!');
var age := ReadInteger('How old are you?');
var gpa := ReadReal('What is your GPA?');
Println('So you''re ' + age + ' years old and your GPA is ' + gpa + '.');
Println($'So you''re {age} years old and your GPA is {gpa}.'); 
Println($'The product 50 x 4 is: {50 * 40}') 
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I knew that PascalABC is capable of inline variable declarations which is somehwat similar to Oxygene’s syntax:

/* Oxygene syntax */
var fname := readLn();
var age := Int16.Parse(readLn());
var gpa := Double.Parse(readLn());

But PascalABC’s construct reminds me more of Basic or Python by which input is being received, assigned to a variable and output is occurring all at the same time which is very cool! I’m duly impressed. Thank you for sharing!

# Python syntax
fname = input("What is your name? ")
; Basic syntax
input "What is your name? "; fname$

Я знал, что PascalABC способен объявлять переменные в строке, что в некоторой степени похоже на синтаксис Oxygene:

Но конструкция PascalABC больше напоминает мне Basic или Python, где входные данные принимаются, присваиваются переменной и выводятся одновременно, что очень здорово! Я под впечатлением. Спасибо, что поделились!

Some of the syntactic constructs and ideas of PascalАВС.NЕТ have been taken from C#, Oxygene, Haskell, and Python. Therefore, it turned out to be much more powerful than Oxygene.

Некоторые синтаксические конструкции и идеи PascalАВС.NЕТ были взяты из C#, Oxygene, Haskell и Python. Поэтому он оказался намного мощнее Oxygene.

P.S. No problem for “strange”:

var gpa := Double.Parse(ReadlnString('What is your GPA?'));

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