Can we use the IDE on Mac and Linux?

I was trying to install PascalABC compiler and IDE on my Mac by using Mono (as suggested on github). Unfortunately, the build failed saying some required .net libraries are missing. So, is PascalABC really ready, stable, and complete to be used on Mac and Linux like on Windows?

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The short answer is: No. You can run on Mac or Linux only the console compiler

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I have program installed on my Macbook Pro using Parallels (Windows 10), but for some reason, even when I select English as my preference, the Russian language version gets installed. :expressionless:

Select English in Options:

Unfortunately English does not appear to be an option. Very strange.

К сожалению, английский вариант не подходит. Очень странно.

I think there’s an installer setting for that.

В инсталляте (MiniPack) вообще отсутствуют другие языки.


Install StandardPack:

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