Is it possible to write unsafe code in PascalABC.NET?

C# allows unsafe methods. From what I read from the help file, PascalABC.NET’s support for pointers is not any better than C#. But there is no mentions of unsafe methods. The section for pointers is very limited. It said nothing about allocating and freeing the memory.

unsafe is just a C# keyword that allows you to use pointers and other stuff like that.

You can write System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal on a new line. Once you place a dot after it - IDE will show you everything you can use for marshaling, including all the ways to allocate and free the memory.

But that’s .Net, not C# or Pascal.

As for Pascal-only things - you have these 2 subprograms for typed pointers:

var p: ^integer;

But they mainly exist for compatibility with older Pascal dialects. If you do things right - you’ll not need them.

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unsafe methods are very useful in C#.